La Petite Formule 1

One race, 3 players, one winner… la petite F1

An original walkabout game that will brighten up your festival or event.

Fasten your helmet and take a rip-roaring journey through a landscape featuring markers from some of the most famous movies ever made! As three toy cars traverse the race track they will pass the shark from Jaws, the Eiffel Tower, dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and more!

Designed for a family audience, this small-but-thrilling spectacle
involves three participants getting to strap on a crash helmet and race
their magnetic controlled vintage cars against each other!

A live commentator adds comedy to the excitement. Here it is, the Fast
and the Furious without any carbon emissions!

Practical information: this is a 3 x 45 minute walkabout, within each set the game is played up to 5 times. 

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